Burger King Free Whopper Coupon

Flame broiled is hard to beat when it comes to fast food burgers. Thick juicy all beef patties that are seasoned just right by one of the best in the business, Burger King. Did you know that more than 11 million people around the world visit BK because of their high quality food that taste great and is very affordable.

The restaurant was established in 1954 and is now the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the entire world. They invented the Whopper using premium ingredients while offering a family friendly dining experience. The reason they have been so successful for over 50 years is because they are dedicated to making sure that their customer base is always happy. When feeding so many people on a daily basis, how are they able to maintain such a good reputation?

When you have to answer to so many guests, as a large franchise you must make special efforts to understand what the general public opinion of your food is. Many companies have now started taking in surveys from past guests that allows the guest to freely speak about their dining experience, from the moment they pull in the parking lot, til the moment they leave the establishment. Whether it be from drive thru or dining in, customers can speak openly and honestly about how they feel the customer service was, food quality, prices, menu items and more.

In return for customers taking the time to complete an online survey, Burger King has decided to reward their efforts. After completing the survey, they are offering a coupon code for a free Whopper on the next visit. Simply take your coupon code in with you to a participating location and use the code along with a purchase to receive a free burger.

If you are interested in taking this online feedback questionnaire, you can visit the official site at For a complete guide on how to take the survey, step by step you can visit for complete instructions. Take advantage of free, make sure to complete the form on their website and get you a free whopper today!


Jack in the Box For Great Burgers and Tacos

Jack in the Box has been around for many years providing awesome burgers, fries, desserts and of course tacos. If you are hungry late night, the restaurant is open all hours and even offers a drive thru window for easy and quick food pick up.  Jack in the Box restaurants are located all over the world and the franchise continues to grow every year. With the use of funny commercials and a great mascot, they have caught the attention of most people.

They serve quick food just the way you want it.  You can be selective when placing an order and even choose what kind of fries you want. Curly, seasoned or normal fries. The company provides some great dessert ideas and can fix anyones sweet tooth.

If you like soda, they provide several different flavors of soda as well as Ice, Lids and straws for your convenience.  The next time you have the urge to get some great food and are in a hurry, think about your main man Jack, he is always willing to feed you for a good price that will fit your wallets budget. If you happen to go to your neighbor hood restaurant, you need to make sure you let them know about your experience.

They have set up a service that allows you to let them know just how satisfied or unsatisfied you were during you last visit. Jack listens to you what say and will do everything he can to make you happy. This service is available at and if you take the time to complete this little survey, you will be rewarded with 2 very delicous tacos on your next visit. So remember, healthy doesnt always taste the best, if you dont mind eating a little on the unhealthy side every now and then, you should consider a visit to Jack.


Whats KFC All About?

The beginning

Colonel Harland’s father died in 1896 which resulted with their mother looking for work in order to support the family. At this time, Harland was just 6 years old and was responsible for taking care of his siblings and most of the cooking in their house. Within a year, he was an expert in several regional dishes. Over the span of the next 3 decades, Colonel Sanders had many different jobs from an insurance salesman to a streetcar conductor.

When he was operating a service station in Corbin, Kentucky in 1930, he began cooking for hungry people as they stopped for gas. Since he did not have a restaurant at the time, patrons had to use the station’s simple dining table in its living quarters. It was around this time that he invented ‘home meal replacement’. This referred to the selling of full meals to families that were time strapped and busy. He referred to it as ‘Sunday dinner, seven days a week’.

The change

His fame grew to the point that he was made a Colonel in 1935 as a result of his contributions to Kentucky’s cuisine. As more people started visiting the gas station only for food, he relocated to a place that was across the street. The following decade was committed to perfection of his secret blend where he used 11 spices and herbs as well as a cooking technique that is still in use to date.

The expansion

The Colonel, confident of his culinary skills and quality of his fried chicken, decided to begin developing his chicken franchise. The following decade, he had more than 600 KFC franchises in Canada and the U.S. By 1964, he had sold his interest in the United States Company to a group of investors who paid $2 million. Among these investors was John Brown who later was voted as Kentucky’s governor.

Companies like this franchise are only able to grow and expand because of a customer base.  They must make changes in order to please their customers. If you have recently visited one of their restaurants and would like to leave them some feedback about your experience, they have started an online survey at that allows you the opportunity to speak your mind freely.

The KFC Corporation grew rapidly under its new owners. It went public by 1966 and got a listing in NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) by 1969. With time, PepsiCo Inc. became interested about the company and by 1986 they acquired it. With the new owners, it was spun off into an independent restaurant company with the name Tricon Global Restaurants. Presently, the company now known as Yum! Brands Inc is the largest in the world in terms of systems units. It has an approximate 37,000 system units in about 110 territories and countries.


H Pylori and the Formation of Antibodies


H. pylori infection can lead to the production of auto-antibodies, which are antibodies directed against the infected person’s own cells. This can occur if the antibody produced in response to the H. pylori organism also recognizes, or cross-reacts with, the normal cells of the body. One well-established link between H. pylori and autoantibody formation occurs in the production of antibodies against proteins in the cells of the stomach. These antibodies can bind to the stomach’s cells and elicit a destructive immune response by inflammatory cells in the stomach tissue, leading to elimination of the antibody-bound cell. This is believed to be one way by which H. pylori infection leads to the onset of gastric atrophy. If antibodies recognize cells of the gastric mucosa, they will cause immune destruction of the cells lining the stomach. In one study conducted in Japan, more than half of the H. pylori-infected patients that were studied had antibodies in their blood that recognized normal stomach cells.

A hypothesis that is less well-established is the link between H. pylori and autoimmune thyroid disease. Studies of people with autoimmune thyroid disease have hinted that, in some people, antibodies may cross-react with cells of the thyroid gland, causing destruction of thyroid tissue. Because the thyroid gland secretes thyroid hormones that help regulate the rate of metabolism, destruction of the thyroid gland may lead to a reduction in thyroid hormones and thus a slower metabolic rate.

H. pylori have also been linked to various blood disorders. One study suggests that H. pylori is associated with the formation of antibodies against the body’s own neutrophils. This condition is thought to cause reduced levels of neutrophils in the blood, a condition known as autoimmune neutropenia. In this study, elimination of H. pylori reduced the amount of auto-antibodies in the blood and restored the normal number of neutrophils. However, this is still a controversial theory.

A reduction in blood platelets, the cells in the blood that are responsible for blood clotting, has also been tied to H. pylori and the formation of auto-antibodies. Antibodies that react against platelets cause them to be destroyed by the immune system, thereby lowering their number in the blood, a condition known as immune thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP). This is a very dangerous condition that can lead to excessive bruising
and bleeding, and can also cause a person to bleed to death if they sustain a serious injury or cut. ITP is considered a medical emergency, but treatments are available to suppress the immune reaction that causes the disease. Despite the severity of this disease, it is not known what causes the immune system to form antibodies against its platelets.While H. pylori-associated auto-antibodies have been suggested as one possible cause, this
link is still debated, and additional studies are underway to test this idea.


What makes a Safe Baby Bottle?

Are the chemicals found in polycarbonate plastic baby bottles SAFE, as apposed to the use of glass baby bottles? There are so many rumors going around, who is a person to believe? This article will discuss some of the myths and facts of the rumors going around.

If the material bisphenol A found in polycarbonate plastic bottles are so controversial, why is it continued to be used? This plastic is preferred because not only does it make the items stronger and lightweight, it is also durable and heat-resistant. This allows the bottles to be reused and sterilized a greater number of times. One myth concerning bisphenol A is that it poses serious risk to infants and children who use polycarbonate baby bottles. The facts are that according to the National Toxicology Program “exposure to bisphenol A through polycarbonate plastic bottles does not pose any serious risk to infants and children.” These findings were established by extensive and thorough scientific processes conducted by the National Toxicology Program’s Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction. Also, the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis findings were along the same lines. In 2004, this panel concluded that “the evidence for low dose effects [of bisphenol A, the ingredient in plastic baby bottles being questioned] is very weak.” Then in 2006, the same panel updated their findings. They concluded that “the weight of evidence does not support the hypothesis that low oral doses of BPA adversely affect human reproductive and developmental health.”

Another myth is that a person should not store any formula in a baby bottle made out of polycarbonate plastic bottles for risk that bisphenol A can leech into the formula. The findings over these rumors is that if a person chooses to store liquid formula in a bottle made of polycarbonate plastic for the amount of hours the formula manufacturer specifies, they have no reason to worry. The FDA sets the standards for the safety of formula storage materials, including the safety of polycarbonate baby bottles. As long as the FDA determines polycarbonate plastic bottles safe for the storage of liquid formula, bottle manufactorers can market their bottles as safe for storage and consumers should feel safe in using them for storage.

An additional myth is that washing a polycarbonate plastic bottle in a dishwasher or using it in the microwave causes the bisphenol A to leak out and cause health risks. Again, the findings over this myth have concluded that any amount of bisphenol A that is released is far below the safe levels established by government officials.


Keeping Your children safe with baby gates

My son is a whole lot of fun. When he learns how to do something new, he does it with the amount of enthusiasm only a child can possess. Even if it is something wrong, it is hard to get after him because of how much fun he has doing it. I look him in the eye and say “No” but he will look right back in my eye, smile, and do what he wanted anyway. So, when he learned to crawl, I knew we had to take as many safety precautions as we could right away.

Some of the first things we knew we needed were baby gates. There were a couple of different areas in our house we knew would be “off limits” to him. Of course, the stairs were easy. We used hardware mounted baby gates for the top and bottom. Hardware mounted gates will not pop off if enough pressure is applied like pressure mounted gates will, so it is important to use these around stairwells. But, we also wanted to block off the office, laundry room, and my daughter’s bedroom without having to have her behind closed doors all the time. So, we shopped and found specific gates that would fit each of these rooms. The office is connected to the living room with an opening of about 8 feet, which eliminated most gates since they don’t open that wide. Also, we wanted to be able to remove or hide the gate if we had company over.

We found a gate that would meet all these requirements. It was a hardware mounted, slide out baby gate for stairs, that also swings out from either side on the hinges. Most of the time it is blocking off the office, but when we want it out of the way, we pinch the connector on one side, slide it to the other side, and swing it against the adjacent wall. Since we are in and out of the laundry room, we wanted a gate that was easy to open and close. We decided on another hardware mounted gate that swing opens, pretty much like a door but it is low and allows the kitchen to keep its open and spacious feel. For my daughter’s room, all we needed was an inexpensive pressure mounted baby gate. We didn’t need a gate that was designed for the utmost safety, but really just to keep him out of her personal space. The pressure mounted gate works great and even my five year old can work it herself.

There are plenty of gates out there, so consider what you need before you buy. It will save you in the long run.


Providing a Clean Learning Environment

With the swine flu so evident in our nations schools today, how important is it to you that your child has a clean and sanitary learning facility? Here at sunshine providers, it is extremely important to us but while your child is getting an education, you as a parent do not have to worry about them getting sick quite as easily as they would at your normal summer school.

We have taken advanced steps to ensure that our facility can be cleaned easily, and stays clean on a daily basis. Toys are sanitized on a daily basis, we also provide sanitary wipes and sanitary antibacterial hand cleaner on every wall in every room. Instead of using carpet flooring where bacteria and fungus can hide and grow, we have vinyl flooring that is cleaned daily.

Along with not only providing these claims areas for your child to learn and play, we teach and instill the knowledge and your child to help them maintain clean hands before eating and drinking, between playing and different activities throughout the day. At any given time of the day, if a child. They need to wipe their hands are clean their hands and do not need permission from a teacher to go to a sink or to a sanitary station.

The kitchen areas no longer have to file countertops with grout lines, that can hold virus causing bacteria, instead we have removed the tile countertops and replaced them with laminate countertops because they are easy to keep clean, and have no cracks and crevices for germs to hide in. On top of this, children or students are on a point system that rewards them when they are actively pursuing cleanliness. When a teacher notices a student going above and beyond what is normal for remaining clean, they are rewarded points and will receive a prize at the end of each semester.

We know what it’s like to be worried as a parent, because we as staff members of Sunshine Providers are also parents and realize how important it is to you that your child remains safe and free from bacteria that can cause them to get sick. We understand that it is impossible to keep them 100% safe, but we will do everything in our power to make sure that we keep a clean environment here at sunshine providers.


Education Starts Early

We here at sunshine providers are all about children and how they grow up in an environment that is healthy. Do you instill in your children the want to achieve an education so that they will have a better chance at a good job after school is over?

Children mimic there parents a lot more than you might think. This does not mean that you should think that your kids won’t want to attend a college or university after they graduate high school if you didn’t. Kids need direction in their life from the get go. However, do not make their decisions for them. It is important for them to make up their own minds as they grow.

Explaining the difference between having a college education and not having one is a great start. Mention the job opportunities that come along with a certain degree or certificate, then explain the typical jobs they may hope to have if they go straight to work from high school.

There is nothing wrong with going straight to work from high school. Allowing them to make the decision to pursue an education is key. There is also the smaller trade schools that they can think about pursuing. Tech schools allow students to learn a trade or skill that will allow them to find a job in a particular field in as little as a year, while most courses will take on average about 2 years.

There are many choices in the trade or technical industry. The job list is almost endless and is versatile. From fashion, design and cooking to auto mechanics and electrical engineering technology. Leave the decision up to them, just show the pros and cons of the choices they will be forced to make later on in life.


Summer Camp

What comes to mind when you think of summer camp? S’mores over a campfire, sleeping bags, swimming in the lake, making friends, and writhing home to family. When you choose the right camp it can bring parents and children together. It can be a positive enriching experience for any child.

As parents its important not to pressure or push you child to attend a summer camp before they are ready. Attending a summer camp can be a great way to develope important social skills by providing a healthy place for children to interact. Having positive role models who have time to listen, talk, and relax with your children will be a great way to teach you kids how to express themselves as young adults.

At camp, children have the opportunity to creat friendships and connections that can last a lifetime. Attending a summer camp give them the chance to experience an environment that is different to the one in which they live. They get the chance to meet other children from different backgrounds and geographical areas. In larger groups of children they have a chance to develop thier leadership skills as well as learn to work in a group.

Camp gives them plenty of time to have fun and relax and focus on things they are interested in. Summer camps often allows the children to participate in crafts, sports, and other activities they may not get to do in their everyday life. You as a parent may also choose to enroll your child into a short summer class this will allow the child to experience a quick look at summer camp and no pressure to attend a longer period of time.

How do you know if your child is ready for the camp experience. If you child is school-aged, a day camp may be what you will want to choose. It allows the child to experience lots of physical and hand on activities in a short amount of time simular to a school day. When choosing a sleep-over camp take into consideration whether you child has had a sleepover at a friend’s house successfully, at a grandparents for a weekend, or attended camp already. Those experienses will prepare your child for camp.

Trust your instincts and your child.  There are so many kinds of camps available for kids, match the camp to the child. There are so many to choose from chances are that if your child has a hobby there is a summer camp for it, including science, to horseback riding camp, to chess camps. Do your research and you should have no problem finding a camp that is perfect for you and your child. If you have a child who wants to get in shape or is even a problem child, you can even consider enrolling him or her in a boot camp.  There are boot camps in Texas and California along with almost every other of the 50 states that will whip your child into shape physically and mentally.